"The principle mark of genius is not perfection, but originality"

C. & J. Clark


We work with organisations and groups to help them unleash their collective genius and find original, innovative solutions to the challenges they face.

Spaghetti plays four roles in this work:

We take the time to understand your teams, culture and wider trends, to reveal patterns to unleash latent potential

We help you identify, define, and protect the space in which serendipity and experimentation unfolds.

We make and run experiments, while also searching far and wide to bring you new practices and technologies from the people pushing boundaries the world over.

We coach leaders and teams in the midst of tackling real issues, connecting theory with real world practice.


In these times of rapid change we face many complex problems. People have few real opportunities to shape the things that affect their lives.

We are compelled to take action. We believe that design has a role to play and a responsibility to support this, bringing people together in new ways to address the tough challenges we face collectively in society. These problems are too big for any one person to solve.

We need to be brave, step out into the unknown, opening ourselves up to new possibilities and serendipity. In our experience, it’s the chance, happy accidents that can really change lives, so how do we make more of those?

We need to recognise the interdependence of the problems and access the latent power of networks. Like spaghetti, they are complex and messy, but they also contain lots of potential. We need to find ways to support the people in them to harness their power and make the world work better for everyone.


Shift Design Culture

We believe that in these times, design professionals and experts must think differently about the role we play in working with people.

Moving away from a culture that is driven by egos and the idea of a 'hero designer' who comes up with all the answers, to one that is more humble and open to the prospect of involving and supporting people through the creation process. 

Grow Design Consciousness

Whether consciously or unconsciously, everything is designed. From the chair you're sat on to the institutions that serve society everyday. 

To really acknowledge this fact is to recognise that things can be changed, improved or transformed if they no longer serve their purpose. There are endless possibilities, and this is a mindset we work to cultivate in everyone.


1. We work to create spaces where serendipity occurs.

2. We allow for meaningful human interaction that enables people to understand themselves and others better.

3. We create transformational experiences that allow people to cultivate and unleash their creativity.

4. We recognise that we have something to offer but we alone are not the solution.

5. We look to the future while remaining relevant for today.

6. We are intentional and take purposeful action.

7. We acknowledge when we are wrong, and celebrate the enlightenment that comes as a result.