We facilitate spaces that harness collective genius to deliver transforming experiences, products and services.


Helping Birmingham City Council to meet the challenges of Digital Transformation, we hosted one-week innovation labs to equipping them to think differently and design new approaches to youth unemployment and fostering and adoption.

Outcomes: People-centred Strategy for transformation of local Public Services. Prototypes of digital services, Creative confidence in council teams.


We worked with Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group to help the organisation gain a collective understanding of massive changes taking place and begin to align to move forward. Through a half day workshop, we produced a visual artifact to guide their direction moving forward.

Outcomes: Insights to inform the organisation collectively.Team development


UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) held 9 workshops around the UK called ‘Export Jams’. These workshops looked at how the government provides export support to companies in the future.

We delivered the West Midlands Export Jam and worked with a room full of people from all kinds of backgrounds in teams to generate, develop bold new ideas about how to improve the exporting experience for all. People were encouraged to speak up, think outside the box, and explore new tools and skills like design thinking.


We worked with 40 young people and West Midlands Police to empower young people in re-designing interactions with the police. Unity Jams were a 2-day process giving young people the opportunity to think about what policing means where they live. 

Outcomes: Prototypes of new ideas for better policing. 40 young people developed creative confidence.


Aston University's approached us to help them build capacity for their staff to be more innovative as part of their "Dare to Succeed" HR strategy, We designed and a delivered program of workshops introducing employees from all areas to design thinking and building collaborative mindsets within the institution.

They explored the human-centred mindset though various methods & tools and applying them to a concrete challenge, reflectively taking learnings back into their daily work.