Unity Jams: West Midlands Police


Our public services are facing unprecedented levels of pressure to deliver services amidst a backdrop of uncertainty bought about by austerity cuts, and digital change.

'If young people don't feel part of a village they will burn it down to feel it's warmth' Craig Pinkney  //  TEDx Brum 2016



Connect Justice

Connect Justice




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As part of their programme of activities aiming to engage with communities more effectively, West Midlands Police approached Spaghetti to work with them to explore how they might find new ways to build trust and confidence and sustainable communication with young people. Against the backdrop of some major transformations happening within the organisation, concern arose for disengagement of many young people from debate and discussion, due to a lack of safe spaces to share their voices and shape public life. These challenges are heightened in the context of sensitive, politicised issues, particularly engagement around violent extremism.

West Midlands Police were interested in the work Spaghetti had been doing through the hosting of the Global Jams and prospect of valuable insights that could arise from this as a method for engagement with young people. They commissioned the delivery of 3 jam style events for young people in Birmingham, Coventry and Walsall. .