All of our projects share a common purpose: to help people feel empowered in shaping the things that affect their lives. We do this because fundamentally we believe that there is a place for everyone in solving the big challenges that we all face.

Our partners are spread across public private and third sectors, their starting points often differ; the specific challenges they are addressing, strategic goals, digital aspirations and expectations, perceptions and goals of “engagement”. 

Sometimes our work is internally focused change and innovation projects with established institutions and organisations, other times it can be supporting ambitious startups in coffee shops or growing emergent ideas in community halls.


Here are the 5 most popular ways to partner:


Strategic Design

// Design for systemic outcomes 

Redefine how problems are approached and deliver more resilient solutions.

Benefit by applying design principles intentionally across a project, from the beginning.

Collective Genius

// Activating people as diffuse design teams

Create the spaces where knowledge can be exchanged and ideas are emergent.

Rethink structure, roles, authority, and how you are framing the challenges you face.

Digital Transformation

// Realise your digital potential

Understand what new opportunities digital can bring to your organisation.

Create innovative cultures that enable you to take advantage of digital technologies.

Team Effectiveness

// Create dynamic and effective teams

Build resilient, adaptive teams equipped to deal with rapidly changing environments.

Explore how agile process can unleash the creative potential of your teams.

Venture Design

// Build, Test, Learn.

Understand the power of creative constraints and iterative learning.

Apply prototyping methods and discovery driven planning to understand more about your idea.