SUPPORTING people to shape the world around them.

This mission is bigger than than any single group, organisation or individual, it will take all of us. We are going to need to come together across perceived barriers and sectors. Assembling allies to do this isn't easy, luckily you are not alone.

Founded in 2015, Spaghetti is a mission-driven network of designers, design facilitators, idea and change agents who partner with individuals, groups and organisations. We have built this collective though real experience, applying theory in practice and exploring what it takes to build lasting collaborative partnerships.

We seek out those with collaborative mindsets. The ones who know that the world's problems won't wait for our systems to fix themselves. The ones that want to actively demonstrate a different way of doing things.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” - R. Buckminster Fuller

Chris Sadler

Given all the potential that emerging technologies present my current focus is on how this affects the delivery and use of public services. Thinking about how the public sector does digital transformation, is incredibly interesting and raises as many challenges as opportunities. Taking a strategic approach to designing organisations, not discrete solutions will be the deciding factor in whether or not this is successful.


Daniel Blyden

I'm curious about cultures and ways of organising that enable creativity, innovation and individual greatness to thrive and how these principles can be cultivated within our institutions of the 21st century. With a background in visual design and digital communications I am particularly interested in what value designers can bring to this at a foundational level and how emerging technologies can support these ways of organising.





Although by day I work as a UX designer, my background is actually in physics and modelling systems. My current obsession is finding ways of bringing the two together, applying design thinking to understanding complex systems and the problems faced at every level of society. I’m an afrofuturist by perspective (and aesthetic!) so always forefront for me is how we make design and technology truly accessible, a tool for self empowerment and not simply a more sophisticated form of oppression.

Louise Byng

Illustration/Design/  Concept

My practice is centred around using simple materials to explore complex problems, intersecting the intentions of artist and designer in my desire to both disrupt social norms and create clarity. In everything I do, I seek to explore how the role of the illustrator can become purpose driven, championing a shift from celebrating seductive style to a movement led by substance, context and voice, questioning how we can move beyond looking good and into doing good.

Álvaro Boo

Design Strategy

With background in communications and user research, I’m passionate about reaching the intersection between people, technology and organisations. My goal is to create meaningful services to unlock change, always using the power of digital technologies, harnessing and provoking disruption in any aspect of public institutions, charities or businesses. Small things can make a big impact. 


Andrew Thomas

Business Analysis

I'm passionate about business strategy, more interestingly, I'm absolutely convinced that morality and ethics are more important and relevant now than they have ever been. I'm exploring the intrinsic value of GOOD business strategies and I’m leading the challenge to create the first methodology to quantify, measure and synthesise morality in a context that is learning, it doesn’t work anymore, abandoning ethics to pursue a bottom line.



After gaining multiple skills and experience from a varied career in freelance illustration, starting in 2010, I have found that my natural focus is the exploration of using art as a tool to communicate. Through this communication I wish to explore it's abilities to: problem solve, teach, heal and relax. I am currently researching and experimenting with the idea of art as a therapy.